SeaWheeze Recap Part Two.

Saturday morning came quick but my pre-race excitement made it easier to wake up. I got dressed and took a quick Outfit of the Day (OOTD) selfie.

SeaWheeze OOTD

SeaWheeze OOTD

The weather was cool and breezy with an intermittent mist. We stopped at the hotel lobby to beg for a couple garbage bags since we didn’t pack proper rain gear. They came in handy once we got to the starting area. I was freezing. We met up with our friend, Rachel, and headed to the start. Jon lined up in the 1:45 corral and I made the questionable (in hindsight) decision to start in the 2:30 corral. I’ll talk more about this later. Each corral went off in 5 minute increments. It felt like forever before I actually crossed the start line but in reality, it was only about 25 minutes.

Before lining up in our corrals.

Before lining up in our corrals.

2:30 Pace Beaver sign.

2:30 Pace Beaver sign.

It was blast to finally be off and running! I let the excitement get the best of me and started out faster than I should. At this point, I tried to slow my pace a bit but my Garmin was tweaking out. At first, I thought my settings had automatically switched to kilometers. LOL I’m such a dummy sometimes! I was starting to get anxious about not being able to track my pace and distance. UGH This was about the point where I wondered if I’m too dependent on my GPS watch. After about 10 minutes of running, my watch sorted itself out. PHEW!

I talked myself through the 13.1 miles. Ticking down a mile at a time. This has become an effective way for me to chop up long runs into easy to handle bites. 😀 WARNING: Vent session ahead! If I learned something this year, it’s to start in a faster corral. Not because I’m faster than 2:30 pace but because it might help to avoid the gridlock on the seawall. It’s frustrating to be running along, in a nice groove, and then have to slow way down because people are walking three across chatting away. This lack of run etiquette drives me batty. Another major pet peeve is folks running with LOUD music. USE EARBUDS FOR PETE’S SAKE! I was leap frogging someone who was blasting Taylor Swift from their device. GAH! I just can’t. Can’t, I said. All that nonsense aside, I had SUCH an amazing time. The course is beautiful. The weather ended up being to our advantage. Mid 60s with a light breeze was perfect for the run. Here are some pics from the finish line festivities.

So. Tired.

So. Tired. That medal weighed half a pound. I’m not even kidding. 


Jon with our breakfast.

Jon with our breakfast.

Waffle, quiche, yogurt and fruit.

Free SeaWheeze breakfast: Waffle, strawberry jam, quiche, yogurt and fruit.

That’s all for my recap. Jon and I are excited to try and register for 2016. Hope we get in! We’re heading to Kauai in a few days. Hopefully, The Kauai Half Marathon will go as smoothly! 😀

Thanks for reading!





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