Six Days Until The Kauai Half Marathon! SeaWheeze Recap Part One.

Happy one month Anniversary since my last post! 🎉 heh

August has been a fun month. SeaWheeze was INCREDIBLE! It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I’m proud to say, I ran the entire half marathon without walking! My goal was to finish in less than 3 hours. My prior Personal Record (PR) was 2:53:48. I finished SeaWheeze in 2:37:25!!!

New PR!

New PR!

I guess training does work. LOL The Kauai Half Marathon is just a week away and my training has come to a screeching halt. SeaWheeze was a confidence booster but now I’m having a hard time staying motivated to keep training. I ran 4 miles on Wednesday morning but skipped my 6 mile run today. Next Sunday should be very interesting. So, that’s the most recent news.

Wednesday, 8/26/15: 4 miles (46:53).

Forecast of 82 degrees = 4am run.

Forecast of 82 degrees = 4am run.

Now, I’ll backtrack and try to remember what happened this month. 😀 My long run went well. I’m still figuring out the nutrition part of my routine but so far, I’m liking GU Energy Gels that have caffeine (Jet Blackberry and Espresso Love). I take gels at about mile 4 and 8.

Saturday, 8/1/15:


Before 10 miles.

Before 10 miles. Boo is really excited about it.



Jon joined me for my Sunday easy run. We decided to explore the short trails in our neighborhood. I found that I am terrible at running on uneven, dirt roads. LOL Of course, I stepped into a hole and twisted my ankle. BUT it’s all good. Just hurt for an hour or so. hahaha This is the story of my life. I’m used to it and so is Jon. hahaha

Me, trying to run on a trail. Hilarious.

My feeble attempt at trail running. That tree tried to trip me!

Apparently, I forgot to document anything else until the following Saturday. Derp.

Saturday, 8/8/15: 10 miles (2:08:45)


Mom came over and took me out for Korean BBQ. I had some grilled pork belly and “LA style” kalbi. My stomach was happy. 🙂

Sweet potater, get in mah belleh!

Sweet potato, get in mah belly!

Sunday’s 2 mile run was slow (24:12) and uneventful.


On Wednesday, my friend Mary flew into Seattle and we visited the Chihuly Garden and did some sightseeing.

Space Needle through the Chihuly greenhouse

Space Needle viewed through the Chihuly greenhouse.

Doing the tourist thing.

Doing the tourist thing. Pike Place Market. It’s not “Pikes Place”.

Which brings us back to SEAWHEEZE WEEKEND IN VANCOUVER, BC! WHOOOOOOT! Our brilliant plan was to avoid rush hour traffic by leaving Thursday, mid-morning. Jon, Mary and I packed up the Prius and started out at 10am. Wouldn’t you know it, a semi-truck turns over on I-5 causing a ginormous backup. We. Are. So. Smaht. A drive that typically takes 3 hours turned into 6 with an hour wait at the border. The hotel was a welcome sight. The view from our room didn’t suck.

View from our room.

Looking out our hotel room window towards the Convention Centre (where all the SeaWheeze magic happens).

As luck would have it, the hotel was hosting an Anime Convention of some sort. Cosplayers galore. People watching was a blast. I probably should’ve waited and taken this picture *after* Pyramid Head handed his shopping bag to his friend.

Pyramid Head from one of my favorite movies, Silent Hill.

Pyramid Head from one of my favorite movies, Silent Hill.




We had dinner at Cactus Club and met around 30 other lululemon lovers (er, addicts) there. ❤ It’s always fun to finally meet “internet friends”. 😀 After dinner, Jon and I took a walk around the waterfront. Vancouver is simply beautiful.

Waterfront near the Convention Centre

Waterfront near the Convention Centre

We walked back to the hotel to try and get a good night’s sleep. Friday’s “Exclusive Runner Shop” was set to open at 7am. We noticed there was already a line at the Convention Centre at 9pm. Uh ohhhhhh. Once we got back to the hotel, I had a hard time getting to sleep. After about an hour of restless sleep, I gave up and headed down to the line. Jon decided to sleep so that he could get up for his shake out run in the morning. It was COLD! Where was all the warm weather now?!?! It dropped to the high 50s by morning. BRRRR The wind didn’t help. A nice gentleman was counting the number of people in line every hour on the hour. If I remember correctly, he said there were over a thousand people in line by 6am. This was about the time when security people started to consolidate the line. They let us into the Convention Centre shortly after. It was nice to be inside, out of the cold. At 7am, MAYHEM!!! LOL There were news crews interviewing folks in line. I was pretty delirious by then. No sleep and anxious to shop. I’m a glutton for punishment.

We're in! Almost. OPEN. OPEN. OPEN.

We’re in! Almost. OPEN. OPEN. OPEN.

Once the doors to the Showcase Store opened, there was a mad stampede for your clothing size balloons. I was speed walking from rack to rack and cubbyhole to cubbyhole grabbing shorts, skirts and tank tops. It felt like Black Friday shopping, which is funny because I don’t normally go shopping during that time of year. There was a 15 item limit. At first, I had way more than 15 items but pared down my must-haves. I wish I would’ve hung onto some of the things I left. LOL!

Showcase Store madness.

Showcase Store madness. You can see the size balloons in the background. 

My haul.

My haul with an extra pair of shorts for a friend.

After 2 hours of staggering around the Showcase Store like a zombie, I went back to the hotel. Jon was back from his run and I *had* to tell him about my overnight adventures. We walked over to DeDutch for breakfast. The restaurant was bright, cheery and reminded me of a cafeteria, much like the restaurant inside Ikea. I should’ve tried the pannekoeken but went for hash and eggs. Yum!

Hash and eggs with rye toast and blackberry jam.

Hash and eggs with rye toast and blackberry jam.

After breakfast, we walked back to pick up our race packets. There were still loads of people in line for the store and packet pick-up. I was starting to run out of gas so we went back to our room and I took a nap. I woke up just in time to go to dinner. LOL Our sweet friend, Yuki, organized a small dinner at Italian Kitchen. The food was delicious! I wished I had left room for dessert because they looked amazing.

Me, Yuki and Sakura.

Me, Yuki and Sakura.

Holy moly, this post is long. I’d better make it a two parter. Please, stay tuned. I’ll post the 2nd half tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!

















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