What was that? Father’s Day is NEXT Sunday?

So, I’m either the biggest goof EVER or just calendar challenged. Maybe both. I thought today was Father’s Day. Yikes! I went out and grabbed a Father’s Day card yesterday, thinking I was down to the wire (as usual).ย I noticed while I was browsing the cards, a sign said “FATHER’S DAY JUNE 21st”. Umm. *looks at date on watch* Yep, not until NEXT week. LOLOL! So I’m early for once. ๐Ÿ˜›

This past week of running was a roller coaster ride. I ended last Tuesday’s run at 3.4 miles. My brain would not let me run the planned 4 miles. It was too hot for me (around 84 degrees). Thankfully, Thursday was a bit cooler. My time was exactly the same as last Thursday’s run 48:33. I had to look at my Garmin a few times and double check the date.ย ๐Ÿ˜€ Incredibly weird.

Tuesday, 6/9/15: 3.4 miles

Dressing like a traffic cone saves lives.

Tuesday’s Running OOTD. Dressing like a traffic cone saves lives.

Too hot out. *whine*

Too hot out. *whine*

My friends at work and I like to walk up to the Tacoma Farmers Market on Broadway. It’s there every Thursday from May to October. This pic was on our way back to the office. I know, it’s totally random but it looked kind of cool, grungy and creepy all at once.

Random. Stairwell on the way back to my office.

Random. Stairwell on the way back to my office.

Thursday, 6/11/15: 4 miles (plus .6 walk to make up for Tuesday’s shortage)

Thursday's run OOTD. There's that grey shirt again.

Thursday’s run OOTD. There’s that grey shirt again.

Again, I was a little apprehensive about Saturday’s run but it went better than expected. I got my start before 8am and the temperature was around 60 degrees. โค

I need some help finding a good hydration belt. So far, I haven’t had to run with hydration but I’ve realized I need water at about 5 miles. Chewing gum helps but carrying water might be smarter. LOL Any tips on a good belt? I’m hoping to find a single bottle holder. Maybe something that fits horizontally on the waist rather than a vertical set up? Jon has an Ultimate Direction Jurek Endure that he loves. I tried it but I’m really in the market for a single bottle holder. If you’ve found one you really like, please comment and let me know. I need one ASAP. ๐Ÿ˜€

Saturday, 6/12/15: 6 miles

Almost a full 6 minutes faster than last Saturday!

Almost a full 6 minutes faster than last Saturday!

Sunday morning recovery run turned into a fast run for me. ๐Ÿ˜€ Jon and I decided to try something new and drove down to the Interurban Trail. We did a quick out and back. On the 1.5 miles back, I tried to pick up the pace. It helped that Jon was there showing off his speedy legs. He got some footage of our run on his GoPro. We saw a couple bunnies and pups on the trail. Mount Rainier was out and the weather was PERFECT! It was a great morning for a run. Here’s a link to Jon’s video of our run:

Sunday, 6/14/15: 3 miles

Soooo close to sub 11 minute miles. Still not speedy but getting faster!

Soooo close to sub 11 minute miles. Still not speedy but getting faster!

Got sun?

Got sun?

That was my training week in a nutshell. Did I say that?!?! Sorry, blogging brings out the worst cliches in me. heh

Until next time, thanks for reading! Oh, and if you have a hydration belt suggestion, please comment. ๐Ÿ˜€

Longingly, lovingly starting at...my ice cream.

Longingly, lovingly staring at…my ice cream. Stalker.





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