Happy Holidays!

In the words of Mr. Hankey, “HOWDY HO!” I’ve neglected the blog but mostly because I haven’t been running. I’ve been busy EATING ALL THE THINGS! Ugh. Jon is still rehabbing his injured knee but doing much better. He can run 3 miles without (much) pain. YAY!

Thanksgiving was uncharacteristically quiet this year. Jon and I had our moms over for dinner. I won’t bore you with photos of the turkey. BUT I must post pics of the pie because pie.

Best breakfast ever

Best breakfast ever

Cold pie with hot coffee is the most amazing breakfast ever. Seriously dangerous. Copious amounts of whipped cream are mandatory.

Whipped cream with a side of cherry pie

Jon’s whipped cream with a side of cherry pie

Jon doesn’t usually indulge but it was Thanksgiving. 😀 YUM! Even Boo got his first taste of turkey.

Boo nursing his turkey hangover

Boo nursing his turkey hangover

Western Washington got it’s first dusting of snow for the season. Then, temperatures dropped into the low 20s. Brrrrrrrrr. This just stokes my fire to move to Kauai some day soon.

So. Cold.

So. Cold.

We’re gearing up for Christmas and did a little gift shopping last weekend. IKEA is a madhouse forever! Saturdays there are downright frightening. LOL What little patience I possess was strongly tested. I kept imagining what would happen if a fire broke out and we had to run through the labyrinth that is IKEA. BBQ’d Michelle. That’s what would happen. *shudder* On a happier note, mom got us a pretty wreath to help us get into the spirit. It will be a Christmas miracle if no one steals it.


I will eventually get back to running. I hope. We’ve been weighing the pros and cons of a home treadmill. I’m a fair weather runner and even that’s a stretch. Hahaha, I’m a pathetic runner but a darned good ninja. Just kidding. I was trying out Jon’s balaclava.

Next time, I'll show you my nunchuck skills.

Next time, I’ll show you my awesome nunchuck skills.

Happy Holidays everyone! I’ll post again after I’ve run some miles.