ZOMG! 60 days!

Wow! The days are flying by. Before I know it, I’ll be at the starting line on Poipu Road! So not ready. LOL At least I’m consistent in my inconsistency. And because I like to torture myself, I picked the hottest day of the year to go out and run. hehe Seattle hit 94° today, broke prior records and everything. Yup, perfect day for a run. But my stupidity was strategic. Poipu will be HOT and HUMID at end of August so I’m acclimating myself to the heat. Now that I’m back home, sitting on my comfortable couch, I’m feeling a little lightheaded and questioning my critical thinking skills.

3.18 miles under my belt today but I had to mix in some walking. What have I got myself into? A half marathon in hot, humid weather starting with 7 miles of gradual climbing!?!? Eeeep! I’m telling myself I’ll finish any which way I can. If I have to crawl over the finish line, I will! Ha! I just hope I’m faster than the sweeper van that comes around and scoops up the stragglers.

I forgot to take photos of my meals and snacks the past couple of days. Imagine lots of spinach and spring mix with hard boiled eggs and jalapeno rings thrown on top. That’s pretty much what I’ve been having for lunch and dinner. I changed it up last night and tossed some ground bison and refried beans on top of my salad. Pretty dang yummy.

OOTD: Adidas climachill tee, lululemon mod moves crop, CEP arm coolers and lululemon visor. Bonus: spare tire.

Before the carnage

Before the carnage

Boo loves to lick my sweaty face but he also likes to lick his butt. Hork. I try not to let him kiss me on the mouth.


Boo has a really sensitive stomach. Pretty much anything other than his regular dry food gives him issues (poopy pants). We’ve been looking for dog treats that don’t bother his tummy. Recently, at Petpalooza, we scored some free samples of Hill’s Ideal Balance oven baked naturals in Turkey & Cranberries and Lamb & Apricots. He LOVED them! The best part is he didn’t have any stomach issues! Weeeeee! It’s nice to be able to give your a dog a treat here and there. 🙂 Here’s a pic of my PetsMart haul for our happy pup.

Om nom nom

Boo says, “om nom nom”.



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