68 days to train!

The days are breezing by and my training is at a stand still. I’ve been out for short runs but still nothing over 3 miles. It’ll happen…or maybe it won’t. I have the power to change it. *self pep talk* haha This post is pretty much a photo dump since I don’t have much in the way of running to talk about.

Here are some snacks I’ve been enjoying lately. My husband stumbled on these UGo bars while browsing youtube videos. They’re amazing! They come in two flavors, Anutter-Sweet & Salty and Ultra-Cherry Cacao. Anutter was our favorite. It’s chewy, crunchy, sweet and salty. Jam-packed with peanuts, almonds and raisins. So delicious! I wasn’t a fan of the cinnamon used in the Ultra but it was still good. The cacao bits add a bit of chocolatey lusciousness to the bar. YUM


These Kirkland Seasoned Seaweed snacks are low call with a kick of salt. At 20 calories per serving they sort of quell my craving for chips. Sort of. 

My kingdom for a bowl of steaming sticky rice.

My kingdom for a bowl of steaming sticky rice.

Finally, seedless red grapes. EAT ALL OF THE SUGAR!


We went to a nearby trail for a quick run and found a tranquil little spot to defrazzle. It was awesome. I love, love, love animals! Like creepy-animal-lady, love. So many baby cows. ❤



Boo and my caboose

Boo and my caboose

We had a new refrigerator delivered this weekend because our old fridge was dying a slow, pitiful death. We went with stainless steel. EEEP! NO FINGERS ON THE FRIDGE PLEASE! I have no idea how to keep this thing clean. I dislike the smell of vinegar (as a cleaning solution) immensely. Oddly enough, I love to eat vinegar. haha

Staples: eggs, sriracha and beer.

Staples: eggs, sriracha and fancy beer, usually stouts.



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