74 more.

OMG, two and a half months until the half marathon. Eeeep! I reluctantly went for a two mile walk/jog yesterday. *knock* *knock* “Is Motivation there?” *crickets*

At least I remembered to take a photo of my lunch. I picked up some Path of Life sauteed quinoa and kale pouches at Costco. They’re seasoned with garlic, olive oil and salt. Each pouch contains two servings and is pretty filling. I ate both 150 calorie servings. LOL They make for a quick and easy meal. As far as taste, they were good but a bit bland so I’d suggest adding some hot sauce for a little kick.


To celebrate getting into the Star Wars Rebel Challenge, I got myself a pair of Vans Star Wars slip ons. They were delivered today and I LOVE THEM! WOOT! Why do my ankles look sort of grubby? I swear I took a shower…yesterday. 😛

A New Hope

A New Hope

I keed, I keed. That’s all I’ve got. Until next time, I’ll leave you with this.

Stay weird.

Stay weird.




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