Oh, so senile! I forgot to post my workout last Thursday. Derp. I ran 3.3 miles on a treadmill. I wasn’t feeling it and tried to stop at 2.5 but my awesomely motivating friend made me keep going. I haven’t run since Thursday. My training plan hasn’t been going as planned.

Last night, we took my dad out to Outback Steakhouse for an early Father’s Day dinner. I haven’t eaten there in ages. It was surprisingly good! I ordered the 10 oz rib eye with a baked sweet potato smothered in butter and brown sugar. ZOMG! I couldn’t finish the steak. I took some scraps home for Boo. His tummy is so sensitive, we should’ve known better. I gave him a piece the size of a gumball and he already has horrendous gas. 😦


My goals for this week: get in 3 runs, remember to take photos of my running OOTDs, plan my meals and lose a pound (or two, ugh).  I should probably stay away from things like this:

Watermelon Hunch Punch

Watermelon Hunch Punch

But it was good going down. LOL Happy Father’s day and have a good week!


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